Friday, September 17, 2010

Iowa: Honeymoon Part II

We did not actually go to Iowa on our honeymoon. We went to Costa Rica.  About six weeks before our wedding, Britt's job sent him to work in Des Moines for three months.  So, when we returned from Costa Rica, we both headed straight back out to Iowa for him to finish up his remaining time there.  (It's hard not to laugh when we think about how many different places we have "lived in" during our currently three-and-a-half-month-old marriage!  After Iowa, we moved into our house near Atlanta for less than a month before Britt's job took us to Mississippi.)

I'm always eager to see new places and check states off my "to-see" list, so I was excited to visit Iowa and see the sites.  With all due respect....there weren't many.  Maybe people say that about Georgia (but I beg to differ!).

These were new for me, though.

The power of wind.  Quite majestic.

We made several trips to nearby Winterset, Iowa, which is the birthplace of John Wayne and a quaint little town.

Britt's actually a big fan of The Duke.

The John Wayne van. (?)

His birthplace

The friend I made at his birthplace.

Besides corn (which there is truly a lot of), what Iowa is probably most famous for is being home to Madison County, which is famous for its covered bridges.  (These are actually pictures from several bridges.  It seems they are all constructed almost identically.)

Iowa, you are perhaps the most docile place I've visited. I can check you off my list and tell you that honestly, you're a state I didn't expect to see!


  1. so did you write "Kelly loves Britt" on the railing too? b/c then you would have something to come back to visit in Iowa and say "as look where we started out"! right!?

  2. What a cute post! I love covered bridges but have never seen one. One day I hope we can travel up that way...but I feel it's probably very much like Kansas...only with more trees ;) Thanks for the little glimps of Iowa.
    Maura :)


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