Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Entrance Table

I love changing this table out with the seasons. 

Whereas last year I went with bold colors, this year I opted for metalics and more natural elements.

Lots of shine.

Lots of sparkle.

Everything's all aglow.

Just in time for Christmas!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tiny Felt Stockings

This is our second year as a married couple.  For our first Christmas, we didn't even have Christmas stockings!  I'm a big follower of traditions, so I had to remedy this problem.

I freehanded a little stocking on paper and then cut it out.  I used the cut-out as a template to trace ten little stockings onto pieces of felt along with little rectangles for the trim on top. 

 I then matched up the pieces and hand-sewed them together with embroidery floss.

Just a little something.  You know, for tradition's sake.

One for each member (whether human or animal) of our own little family.

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Review with Loving Pets!

Loving Pets Corporation, located in New Jersey, has been providing quality pet products since 2005.   They take a natural, holistic approach to taking care of pets.  This company only provides the highest quality and healthiest products possible so that you can preserve the health and well-being of your treasured companions.  After all, our furry buddies do so much for us, right?

This is how Coy looked when he realized what was in the box.  He hates the mail guy, but he forgave him, just this once.

For this review, I was sent two packages of Gourmet Meat Sticks and two packages of Barksters.

The best thing about the gourmet meat sticks is that they are a little more substantial than a standard dog treat, so it takes Coy more than one second to inhale it. 

He gobbled these right up. These also come in four flavors to add a little variety to your pets' diets.

My top honor in this review, however, goes to the Barksters.  These low-calorie treats (about 12 calories each!) contain only products grown on U.S. farms and use ingredients that are rich in vitamins. 

It's important to us to manage Coy's weight to avoid joint problems in the future, so the Barksters are a great option to traditional dog treats.  My favorite thing about them, though, is that they are grain-free!  Coy has a grain allergy, so food containing grain causes him to itch and scratch terribly.   We can give him Barksters without worrying about this bothersome reaction.

Visit Loving Pets website to view their entire line of nutritious treats and premium pet accessories.

You can also connect with Loving Pets via their Facebook page and by following them on Twitter.

Treat your pet to the products they deserve! 

(*Author was supplied with free product to review.  All statements and opinions, however, are solely that of the author.)
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