Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Giveaway with Dali Decals!

How much do you love Dali Decals?

I'm definitely loving them lately, as you can see from the photo of our office below.

Would you like to win a $25 credit towards anything in their store?  Yes?  Here's how!

To Enter:
(Please leave a seperate comment for each entry.)

1. Be (or become) a follower of Till Death Do Us Part. (Mandatory)
2. Visit Dali Decals, and tell me what you'd love to get with your credit! (Mandatory)
Extra Entries:
3. Like Dali Decals' Facebook Page.
4. Follow me on Twitter.
5. Tweet about this giveaway.
6. Post about this giveaway on your blog!
Six ways to win!  Contest will be open until Sunday, August 7 at 10 p.m. CST.  Winner will be announced here on Monday! 

Exercise Bikes--They're Baaaaack!

The first stationary bike I ever saw was when I was very little, and it was at my grandmother's house.  It had big giant pedals and huge wheels. 

I was intrigued and jumped on it any chance I got.  Why can I not be that enthusiastic about riding one today?  How times change.

This Keiser M3 is a far, far cry from the clunky contraption my grandmother had.

This Multisports upright bike is totally sleek!  I would have been thrilled to jump on it when I was 5.  What thrills me today, however, is how affordable this one is.

Time to work off all that good vacation food!

Review with Dali Decals!

I think most everyone has heard of Dali Decals, and if you haven't, today's your lucky day!

"Dali Wall Decals are an inexpensive and innovative way to transform any room! Wall decals are like giant vinyl stickers that adhere to the wall and are created in the design and color of your choice! They are simple to install and take less time than painting. They are also removable so that when you are ready to transform your room again, all you have to do is peel it off!"

I am so excited to review a product for this great company.  Their selection is HUGE, and their products are very unique.  Here are just a few decals they have to offer...

For this review, I chose monogram decals that are technically for the backs of chairs at wedding receptions!  Instead of being able to dress up one area, I wanted the option to add a little something extra to several as the mood strikes. 

I was a little nervous though, because I didn't want to ruin any walls! Dali made it easy though...their kits include a squeegee to help smooth out any bubbles AND a practice decals for those worrywarts like me.

Here is the chosen location.  As you know, I've been trying to pretty up what is now OUR (not just my husband's) office.

The instructions were very specific and clear.  Overall, the process was much easier than I imagined.

Peel, place on the wall....

And peel again!

It truly looks like it has been painted on the wall!  I'm in love, and I can't wait to jazz up something else!

If you like the idea of this type of wall decor but have reservations, don't!  The quality is fantastic, the application is simple, and the result is stunning. 

Visit Dali Decals to purchase your own from their huge selection!

*Author was supplied with free product to review.  All words, statements, and opinions, however, are solely that of the author.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Review and Giveaway with Premier Pet Products!

I am so pleased to announce this week's review and giveaway with Premier Pet Products.

Here is a little information about Premier:

Our Belief

Premier was founded by pet-people, for pet-people. We believe in providing safe, innovative and effective tools that help improve relationships between people and their pets.

Our Story

With a $5,000 loan, two refurbished sewing machines, and a desire to make a more effective training collar, Sharon Madere started Premier Pet Products in 1989, making dog collars in a spare bedroom of their small home.

The items in today's spotlight are the Busy Buddy Jack and Busy Buddy Gnawhide Rings.

The shape of the Jack is more interesting to the dog than a traditional bone or dog toy, and it comes apart so that you can slip on the treat rings, which provides an extra incentive for your dog to chew on this toy.

Here's our big boy, Coy, waiting for me to throw him his new toy from Premier!

I love that smile on his face!  

Here he is, living happily ever after with his new prize.  It's without a doubt his favorite toy.

Ready to win your dog his or her own toys?

To Enter:
(Please leave a seperate comment for each entry.)
1. Become (or already be) a follower of Till Death Do Us Part. (mandatory)
2. Visit the Premier Website and tell me your favorite item. (mandatory)

Extra Entries:
3.  Tell me what pet you'd be winning this great prize for!
4.  Follow me on Twitter.
5.  Tweet about this giveaway.
6.  Post this giveaway on your blog.

SIX ways to win!  Deadline to enter is Sunday, July 31 at 10 p.m. CST.  Winner will be announced the next day.... Good luck!

*Author was supplied with free product to review. All words, statements, and opinions, however, are solely that of the author.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

"If You Care" Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered the If You Care giveaway. 

The winner, courtesy of, is #19, Scrapfancy! 

Thanks again, and please come back tomorrow for a giveaway with Premier Pet Supplies!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Black and White Fall: Owl Art

Black and White (early!) Fall continues here in southern Mississippi.  So also continues my streak of bird crafts.   Today, it's a wise old owl.

Or two. 

I used a composite of several images found at The Graphics Fairy.

Contrasting.  Basic.

Right here in black and white.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Time to Dream Again! Chairs Edition

If you've read here long, you know I like to dream about furniture.  Today, I'm dreaming of dining chairs.

I don't hate ours by any means, but they are about ten years old now and getting a little ragged.  They also don't quite match the kitchen.  But I survive somehow!  ;)

Some may say it's too 80s, but I love oak dining chairs.  I'm big on natural-colored wood.  And since our house is very casual cottage, I think these would look great.  Plus, I've wanted bench-style seating like this since I was a little kid!

My husand accuses me of eating the same thing over and over at restaurants.  I think I do the same thing in my decor.  So, since our kitchen is blue, green, and orange, maybe I should brand out and get blue dining chairs instead!

If I wanted to make my husband happy (which I do sometimes!), I could get these Coaster chairs.  They are exactly his style--which is a touch more sophisticated than mine.  Maybe one day when we have a formal dining room....(yeah right!).

Dream on, girl!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Black and White Fall: Blackbird Hoop Art

Yes, I admit it's a touch (maybe even more than a touch) early to be thinking about Fall.  But I can't help but be excited for one of my most favorites times of year.

Do you ever get a particular vision for a season when thinking of your decor?  This year, when I picture my "Fall lineup," I think of black and white.  Yesterday, I decided to get the ball rolling with this creation:

Simple, crisp, even stark.  I love the contrasts. 

The texture of the fabric is great as well, and I love the frayed-edge look.  The beautiful old metal emboidery hoop was in a craft stash given to me by my husband's grandmother.

The blackbird is made of an old woven wallpaper sample.  I traced the silhouette from a pretty crow image from The Graphics Fairy.

Believe it or not, Fall is on its way!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Rooting Plants

I have a new (really easy) hobby:  Rooting plants!  Here is one of my windowsills, filled with various vases full of plants that are rooting.

I'm very interested in being as "self-sufficient" (i.e., growing my own food, being DIY) as possible.  Part of this is taking one plant and making two, or "borrowing" a twig from a friend and turning it into a plant of my own.  It's very, very frugal!

And did I meantion easy?

Many plants can root well directly in soil, but I like to start all my clippings in water first.  If gives them a great start.

Here is a clipping of a sweet potato vine (one of my absolute favorites) that I rooted a few weeks ago. 

The best plants to attempt to root are ground covers (like ivy).  I've also found that coleus and basil are fantastic "rooters."

First, use scissors or small garden shears to cut a three- to four-inch section of a plant.  Make sure that the section you choose has at least two "nodes," or point on the plant from where the leaves/flowers grow.

Second, place the clipping in a vase or jar of water, and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight. 

Within 3 days to several weeks, your clipping will look like this:

(sweet potato vine)



Then you can dig a hole and gentle place the stalk--and its brand new roots--into the desired location.

Multiply your garden!

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