Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Time to Dream Again! Chairs Edition

If you've read here long, you know I like to dream about furniture.  Today, I'm dreaming of dining chairs.

I don't hate ours by any means, but they are about ten years old now and getting a little ragged.  They also don't quite match the kitchen.  But I survive somehow!  ;)

Some may say it's too 80s, but I love oak dining chairs.  I'm big on natural-colored wood.  And since our house is very casual cottage, I think these would look great.  Plus, I've wanted bench-style seating like this since I was a little kid!

My husand accuses me of eating the same thing over and over at restaurants.  I think I do the same thing in my decor.  So, since our kitchen is blue, green, and orange, maybe I should brand out and get blue dining chairs instead!

If I wanted to make my husband happy (which I do sometimes!), I could get these Coaster chairs.  They are exactly his style--which is a touch more sophisticated than mine.  Maybe one day when we have a formal dining room....(yeah right!).

Dream on, girl!

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  1. We saved for three years to get the dining chairs we wanted. Yep! ;P


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