Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Ritual


after night...

after night....

It has become an evening ritual for these two to rest together after Britt gets home from work.  I love the man that Britt is becoming....a cat lover.


  1. These pictures are just too adorable!
    My fiance HATES cats. He, however, loves his little girl LucyFurr even though its like a love-hate relationship, but lately she;s been being "daddys little girl"
    I want to get another one since im used to having more than one at a time but he hasnt been budging, i think i am slowly getting him to give in and im torn between getting a younger cat from a shelter that i know will be a little bit better for Lucy to get used to and for adopting and adult cat from a shelter that has been there for awhile and giving it a home finally. i just hate having to choose just one :( thats why all of my cats have been rescued on my own away from shelters so that i didnt have to choose! Lol

  2. That is absolutely adorable!! :) Men who love cats are awesome!


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