Wednesday, January 26, 2011

House Vs. Home

Have you ever visited someone and walked in and thought, "What a nice home!"  You quickly realize you aren't just in a house where someone lives, but a true home with touches that make something about it just a little extra special.   For me, thinking this rarely has anything to do with the size of the home, how nice or expensive it is, or if it's richly decorated.  There seem to be other more simple elements that make people truly feel comfortable and welcomed.

It is one of my goals to have one of these "special" homes that makes my husband and I as well as any visitors feel especially at peace, so I've attempted to take what makes me feel happy and comfortable in a home and make sure to provide those little extra touches. 

Some of these for me are:

Family pictures

Nothing evokes a sense of home like being surrounded by those you love, even if it's just in pictures.

Candles, or rather, smells.

The scent of something good or familiar is such a calming force.


Want to make someone feel right at home? Offer them something homemade.


Pillows and blankets

A huge part of a home is comfort.


This is my favorite kind of lighting--warm and dim. How soothing!

Of course, the love shared by the people actually living in the house is the ultimate source of "homey-ness," but I feel that such can be expressed tangibly by elements in the home that we can touch and feel.

I suppose I just love little "reminders." 

What do you feel makes your house a home?


  1. Reminds me of a book I read a few years ago called "Family Fragrance" that talked about how a home should appeal to the five senses - sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. Your home looks lovely and the cookies look yummy :) ~Alana~

  2. Hey Kelly! :) Thanks so much for wishing Lincoln a happy birthday..he's such a wonderful young man! :)
    I agree with you about all those wonderful touches that make a house a home. (the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking REALLY works for me!) :)
    Have a great day my friend!

  3. Oooh, great post Kel. I completely agree with scents, it makes a home "warm" and welcoming!

    My favorite touches to my home are little bits of things I've picked up while traveling. I think it's fun and special when people ask about some of my conversation pieces to tell them that it's a vase I picked up in Switerland, or a figurine I bought in a temple in Japan. Since traveling is such a big part of my life, surrounding my house with the places I love outside of Houston make it more of a home, as strange as that sounds!

  4. This is a wonderful post! I want people to feel that way when they visit my "home." I do all of the things you suggest. As Alana said above, reaching for the 5 senses. Sometimes I play soft music in the background too, especially around the holidays.

  5. i completely agreee w/ u kell!
    i always say that i'm striving to make my house more "homey"!

  6. Hi Kelly... have a very warm and beautiful home, my friend! I can just tell that you love your home by all the extra touches! My friend, I just loved what you wrote and totally agree...a home is filled with those things that you cherish and love. You don't have to have a mansion or lots of money to make a house a home! In fact, I have seen some of those types of places...they are beautifully decorated and yet feel so empty! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us today!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and taking a peek at my silver tablescape! I really enjoyed your visit and sweet note, my friend!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. Kelly thanks for the blog love! I also completely agree about the house vs. a home! I think its so important to make people feel welcome, including cookie baking!!

  8. Very nice post! I often "visit" others homes through blogging and think to myself, "wow, it looks like a model house. Too bad no one lives there!" LOL Don't get me wrong, they are beautifully decorated and look amazing but, they don't "feel" like a warm happy home.

  9. Hi Kelly!
    Yes I agree..this is a VERY nice post. Hmm I think everything you mentioned above makes a house a home. Love being #1. To me a house should be filled with things that the inhabitants love...because people will recognize you in these things. Your house will truly reflect your personality. I know some people buy things just because it's the new fad...but yet they aren't really what the person is all about. I really don't care if what I have in my home is 'what's in' long as I REALLY like it...that's good enough for me. Your home looks the way I picture you even though I don't know you other than through your words and pictures. I think you've done a WONDERFUL job Kelly! Have a great day. Maura :)


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