Friday, February 4, 2011

New Etsy Items

Here are two fun items that I recently added to my Etsy shop, Cotton Breeze!

First, a shabby blue and white trinket tray

This photo gives you an idea of how cute they look displaying items!

Second, a red and white yarn wreath

I think this looks adorable displayed on a chair!

And last but not least, a Fleur de Lys decorative tile.

I love this shabby tile standing up or lying flat.

It looks great on one of the trinket trays!


  1. Sweet shares! I'm loving the white yarn wreath. This looks like something maybe my kids could do. If they would! Boys don't get into crafting as much as mom.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment!! Your blog is super cute!! :) Thank you so much for following my blog!!! That makes me so happy :)

  3. Hi Kelly! So nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my girly pink blog and saying such nice things! And thank you for following me! I am following you too! I've enjoyed looking over all of your crafty projects. The runner you recently made is gorgeous!
    Best Wishes,
    p.s. We love kitties at our house too! We have 3 cuties!

  4. Well hello there from Mel's Cabin...thanks so much for your post and following me. Enjoy a cup of coffee with me the next time you visit the cabin. I like your brown and white dishes on the side bar...they're cute!


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