Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coffee Table Re-redo

I've been so unhappy with my coffee table.  Part of it is the color.  It's way too white.  Part of it is the fact that my husband absolutely cannot be persuaded not to put his feet on it.

Gross, right?

So of course I went window shopping online. I love this lift-top coffee table, which is a lot like the one my parents have, and they love it.  This is a great storage end table (which would be great because our den is tiny!).  Or we could go for the whole coffee table set

While I dream of different furniture and different and bigger dens, I decided to redo our current coffee table.  It's actually been redone before, as you can see here.

Step one was painting it "luxurious linen."  I got it as a free sample from Valspar!  It came with a small can of paint, tray, and roller.  (You can find out when they do another free sample promotion by liking them on Facebook!)  The color came out beautiful--no more stark white.

I also used Valspar antiquing glaze to add a little character.

Then for the fun part: deciding what to put on top.  I chose a tray I refinished....

 a silver creamer with moss and two fabric rosettes...

and vintage mason jar with chicken wire.

Clean and simple!


  1. I have a table exactly like that, so I am going to keep this in mind to do to mine! Love the new color!

  2. Very nice, Kelly. Just the right amount of distressing!!!

  3. Your table came out wonderful! It looks so pretty!

  4. looks the accessories too..anything with chicken wire is fabulous....

  5. Your coffee table turned out great! Love the glaze!


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