Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An SOS from My Yard

We have a tiny back yard (not at ALL like the farm where I used to live!).  It's been quite an adjustment.  Not only is it tiny, it was, um....sad.

Yeah.  That sad.  And this sad....


We moved into this house on Labor Day weekend of 2010.  By the time we got settled in (new house, new state!), "yard season" was over.  Though I was able to do a little Fall gardening, I knew I had to wait till Spring to really get in there and get my hands dirty.  By Winter's end, I was so terribly tired of gazing out into my sad little yard.

I am happy to report, though, that a wind of change has blown in. 

Though most of my focus has been on building, planting, and tending to my raised beds, I've made some time to bring some life into the backyard.


We are working on it....definitely getting better!  Amos of course refused to opt out of the shot.

I would love to get some more outdoor furniture to make everything a little more "homey."  Our chairs are mismatched.  I'd like to get an entire matching dining set, like this Oxford Garden dining set, or an outdoor sofa.  Our friends have one, and it's so fun to be leisurely outside while sitting on it!  Britt fancies himself to be the host with the most, so he might go for something more along the lines of a Bamboo Tiki bar.  

Does anyone else find themselves wanting to spend all their time out in the yard?  And does Spring, therefore, seem to be a time when y'all want to spend all kinds of money??  It is for me!  I need to put some of these cats to work!


  1. My backyard is quite the mess too. Yours is sure coming along nicely! Love the furniture you've picked out!

  2. Hi Kelly! I like the furniture you picked out! In the meantime you could always paint your mismatched set the same color and add some outdoor pillows for a cohesive look!

  3. I love nice outdoor furniture. We have some matching pieces & some eclectic things, too, but the colors work together. Actually, here in the desert, out outdoor time is over until Fall. I know it sounds strange, but we can spend time outside from late Sept. thru early May.

  4. Your backyard is looking much better. I love being outside, but I'm not crazy about the 90 degree days already. I want more spring-like temps for a few more weeks!!! Keep those water hoses handy!!!

  5. good job..your better than I. I have not even planted one dang thing yet. too busy in the house with a lot of art work to get painted for people. I need to get out there and enjoy the Spring. ooops its raining here again!

  6. This time of year I often find myself wanting to drop all the inside projects and focus on outside! Excited to see how you transform your outdoor space. ;)

  7. When we moved into our home 3 years ago we had a sad backyard as well and it is still a work in progress! I too, love to be outside gradening and planting things. I relaized the good thing about a sad backyard is you get to start it from scratch and make it just your style! Good luck with it.


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