Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bathrooms with Light

I can't say I've moved a ton in my life, but I have lived in several places and had, therefore, different bathrooms.  But in none of the six bathrooms I have ever called my own have ever had a window!  I feel so deprived.  The result has been, for the most part, some gloomy bathrooms.  I'm such a natural light person that it turns me off to the point that I'm very unlikely to put much decorating effort into the room.  The result? Blah bathrooms.

My only current remedy is to bathroom dream.

I like the pretty yet masculine look of this one....

Gray is also a new favorite of mine!

I love the contrast of the bright green/yellow and the stark white.

Who wouldn't feel refreshed in this bathroom?

Can a bathroom this amazing even exist?  Look at all that natural light?  It looks like it could feed right into a dressing room and then into the bedroom, where I could have antique bedroom decor and a makeup vanity to go along with the vintage-y bathroom.

Look at this dreamy bathroom vanity!


This next one might be my ultimate dream bathroom....rustic, full of natural light, spacious....

Let there be light!


  1. Keep dreaming, Kelly. You'll get the bathroom of your dreams one day...window and all!!!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    These are really pretty inspiration bathrooms. While I do have a window in my bathroom it is very lacking in, charm and prettiness. But I know one day I will turn it into my dream bathroom!

  3. Kelly I am in love with the last one....


  4. i recently painted my bathroom. i wish i saw your inspiration pics before i got started.

  5. These rooms are all beauties! The funny thing is I also love natural light but we have a window in our master bath and we never open the curtains {the back of our house faces a busy road}. So my bathroom doesn't look nearly as charming as these do!

  6. I can totally relate to your dilema! Our last house had a tiny bathroom with no window...ugh. We moved into this house and our master FINALLY has bathroom with a big ol glass block window. (huge!) I don't particularlyl love glass block, but it's not the oversized, old ones, but the modern little ones, so it's acceptable. Hey it's light, it's glorious! lol :) We need to renovate that bathroom though, so that window is about the only thing in there that I like right now. :)
    Have a great day girlie!

  7. Love all these bathrooms! I am lucky as my master bedroom has a window and a solatube. However, our guest bathroom that we are currently constructing cannot have a window. It's such a bummer, because I love the natural light just makes everything look so much better!


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