Thursday, June 2, 2011

Children's Rooms

As our first anniversary nears, more and more people are asking the big question:  When are you going to start having kids?  While we do want children in the future, they are still not in the near future. 

However, this recurring question, plus the pregnancy of a good friend back home in Georgia, has got me to thinking about one part of having a family that I'm really, really looking forward to: decorating a child's room!

We'll start with the gals....

This furniture reminds me of what I had as a child.  There's nothing sweeter than white furniture for a little girl.  I love teh contrast of the white with the punches of bold colors.  And it's so very whimsical!

Green is my current color du jour, and I love the way this room's green pallet reminds me of a springtime garden.  And the antique-style iron bed is fantastic!

This room has one of the most beautiful color combos of all-time--blue and yellow.  I adore those cotton bowl canvases, and the yellow accent wall makes the softer colors pop.

As you can tell, I'm currently not favoring pink for my hypothetical little girl's room....maybe it's because I grew up in a crisp blue and white room!

On to the fellows....

I'm so in love with the idea of bunk beds in a boy's room. Maybe that's because my brothers had them in the room they shared.  To a kid, bunk beds are just plain more fun than regular beds. Period.

It's important to try and find cheap bunk beds for kids since, alas, they will eventually grow out of them.  But, I could always go for these full-over-full bunk beds that will last a little bit longer before they grow out of them! 

(FYI, there are special bunk bed mattresses....I didn't know that!)

These next two rooms prove that white can be for boys too!  These bunk beds are pretty and boyish...who knew that could happen!  I love the bright, crisp red, white, and blue color schemes. 

And how amazing is it that sports pennants are the valances over the windows!  What a unique and distincly masculine touch.

This next room is very child-like but so grown-up.  Sophisticated yet fanciful.  I love the organic colors and love the way this room could last him for many years!

This last room would be, if I had to guess, the room my husband would choose for our son.  He grew up riding on his make-believe range and checking on real live cows with his farmer grandfather.  He's a cowboy at heart and would love to pass that on to his son.  Such a "tough" room for a rough-and-tumble little boy!

Hope you found these rooms as inspiring as I did! What did y'all do in your kids' rooms?


  1. i love the rooms you featured. my son and daughter are outgrowing the looks of their rooms, so a couple of makeovers may be in our future.

  2. sweet...but too bad kids are not that neat when they grow up they just get messier and messier! Train them young to be picker-up-ers

  3. I recently helped my daughter (13) redecorate her room. Can you believe it has been the most popular post on my blog! I really like the first room you featured. :D

  4. I don't have any kids (yet). But love that green vintage room! Great collection of ideas here!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  5. i havent even thought about KIDS rooms yet... I think about BABY rooms / nurseries alot. lots of white and comfiness :)


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