Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Dream of Desks

Not too long ago, I dreamed of a kitchen island.  Well, I'm still dreaming of that and many other things.  (Alas, they will stay dreams for now, as our darling free dog has needed two eyelid surgeries in the past month.  Yikes!) 

Anyway, here are my latest dreams: desks.

Why do I dream of desks, you ask?  Well....I can't believe I'm about to show you this's an extreme embarrassment, a nagging thorn in my side, a source of constant irritation. 

This is my husband's desk in his office.

I've pleaded. I've begged. You can see (barely) the masculine, sophisticated room I created when we first moved here.  But it's a lot easier to see the frat house it has become!

Needless to say, I get no work done in there. I pay pills, do my editing work, etc. at the coffee table or kitchen table or on the couch.

So I dream of desks.  And of the office/study I could put them in. 

Oh for my husband to work in a space like this one.

I can also see him working from a black computer desk with hutch or a modern L-shaped desk like this one...

Anything but an old, insanely heavy, concrete-top chemistry table with no storage!  Even a small credenza would work better!

As for me? I need something function and very importantly, beautiful!

Perhaps I'd get nothing at all done in these rooms, but it would sure be fun trying!


  1. I love the third one down... that would be the one I would chose.. can't wait to see what you will do.


  2. Great inspiration rooms! You can do it!


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