Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is It HOT Where You Are?

Is it absolutely overwhelmingly smolderingly hot where you are?

It is in southern Mississippi! 

Luckily, the zinnias love the heat.  I, however, do not!  As much as I love to garden and be outdoors, I've had to frequently take refuge inside more and more lately.

One thing that has definitely suffered is our outdoor entertaining.  We don't have much of a spring here in the South.  It basically goes from winter weather straight into the 90s!

The good part is that I love summer and the zinnias can take the heat, but the bad news is that outdoor entertaining is out of the question.   We need a bar for home use, like maybe a hide a bar or a folding bar!


Or you can do what I just did.....go to the beach and hang out with your husband and neice (and the rest of the fam) for a bit!

Stay cool, friends!


  1. Since I'm only 30 miles up the road from you, you KNOW it's hot here! Maybe it's time for my own trip to the Gulf Coast! I've had good luck with my geraniums this year, but they MUST be watered every day. I'll try some zinnias next year!

  2. How does 103 sound? It's humid too and miserable. No rain in sight.

    Your zinnas are beautiful and colorful!

  3. It is hot here in cental Misssissippi too! My zinnas are laying on the ground!!-or is that lying-whatever they are flat out!!

  4. It hit 93 here and going to be hotter tomorrow... But your flowers look amazing...


  5. Britt looks like a natural holding that baby! ;)

  6. It was actually "lovely" here for awhile (80's - which I love), but yesterday brought the 90's + humidity to our area. We had a terrible storm blow through this morning, with winds up to 75 mph. Needless to say, it knocked our power out (along with thousands of other people), so we had no A/C or even fans in this horrible heat. The power was out for 12 hours.

    I'm assuming that's you and your hubby in the last picture? What a great looking couple! And, your niece is SO adorable!

  7. We bought a fairly compact bar from Pottery Barn years ago and I love it. It is made so nicely and held up against all the liquids sloshed on it perfectly.


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