Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Talk

First off, I am not having a baby!  But I have loads of friends who are!  It seems like babies are simply growing on trees these days. 

So I'm sure you can imagine that when we all get together, there's lots of baby talk.  (Click here to see the crochet washcloths I made for one little baby bundle!).  We discuss everything from names to nurseries, of course.

Neutrals are in these days, no?  Several of my friends are opting for neutrals for their nurseries.   (Part of the reason is that most of them aren't finding out what they're having....they have a lot more willpower than I do!).  

 I love this white baby crib station for a boy or a girl!  Very sweet.

Look at this gorgeous cottage nursery!  Bright and cheery yet simple and calming.  The bed looks almost antique.

I love the finish on these espresso baby cribs.  Dark woods are often overlooked when choosing baby furniture because they seem so grown-up.  But they can be for baby too!  They are still basic and neutral but have a more formal look.  The shape of this one is gorgeous and so unique!

Look how sophisticated this nursery is!  This is where you raise future U.S. presidents.

I've always been a fan of black furniture.  In my younger days, my entire apartment had black furniture (I spent a lot of time painting).   So, I also love black baby cribs.   This one is traditional yet stylish.

May God grant safe pregnancies to all my friends!

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  1. They are all attractive but I think baby should have a little color for visual stimulation but then again who really knows. I guess it is as much for mommy as for baby but I love the pink vintage room very much. Sweet! I thought for sure you were announcing when I saw that crib.


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