Friday, August 12, 2011

Black and White Fall Meets Dreaming of Headboards

Even though I've been having fun living a summer of color, I've been dreaming of a black and white fall!

I've already begun crafting my Fall 2011 decor.  The theme? Black and white, of course! 

One of my most favorite things to do is "window" shop online.  I love perusing furniture galleries and gathering inspiration from other blogs and websites.  Today I'm imagining sprucing up the master bedroom.  I visited More Headboards to do some more black and white dreaming.  I love how simple yet elegant this one is, and I adore the shape...

This one has the clean, cottage style that I love, and it's already decked out in B/W!  I love the added height, as well....

I also went way, way out into dreamland on this one....I checked out leather queen size headboards.  (It's "way out there" because I have two wild cats who would have a field day with leather!)

But look how goregous it is!  So sophisticated....

The vintage side of me always emerges when I'm dreaming, so I also browsed metal queen sized headboards.  I love their old-world feel and simple look.  See?

 I suppose if I had, I mean had to choose, I'd go with option number two....

And while I'm dreaming, you know what would look great with it?  One of my "one day" crafts, a monogrammed bolster pillow

And to go above my gorgeous new dream headboard, this little number...

Dream on, young girl!


  1. You have great taste in beds. I love the monogrammed bolster pillow. You need to make one! Too cute!

  2. I was happily surprised when your post today included my sign! I'm so glad you liked it. I'd never even done one before, so I'm sure your version would put mine to shame!


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