Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Write It Down" Journals Review

When I was in 4th grade, I started my first journal.  I wrote mainly about what I got for Christmas and what happened at school.  There may not have been many deep thoughts to record, but that first journal became a fascination for me, and in the years that followed, I filled up fifteen more journals with my ramblings. 

I'm not as faithful at writing as I was back then, but I do still journal, about everything from bible studies to gardening.  That's why I instantly fell in love with Journals Unlimited "Write It Down" journals.  They offer topic-specific journals for recording information and thoughts on pregnancy, fishing, camping, cooking, golfing, boating, and teaching, to name a few!  They also offer custom journals and a "Color Collection" as well!

From the Journals Unlimited Website:

"You have just encountered the hottest selling and most expansive line of theme journals on the market. We offer over 55 titles that feature our trademark easy to fill-in format. We make it easy and fun to record all of life’s precious memories.
The “Write-it-Down!” series is printed in our home state of Michigan in the good ole' USA using soy based ink on acid-free recycled paper. The journals have a durable hard cover design and handcrafted look. They are now available in the color collection as well."

My husband and I have traveled a lot since being married just a little over a year ago, so for this review, I chose a vacation journal!

I love the inscription included in these journals....

There are several things that make this journal perfect for recording all our vacation memories.  It has space for specific and important memories so that you don't forget those little details.  It also encourages reminiscing among your family about what they enjoyed most! 

It's also a very durable with a stury, hard cover, and the spiral binding makes it very easy to flip through and use.

I know that as the months turn into years, we will forget the times we had and places we went.  I look forward to preserving those memories with my new journal.

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*Author was supplied with free product to review. All comments and opinions, however, are solely that of the author.

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