Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Black Toile Curtain Trim

Part of the beauty of DIY is saving money and getting to create exactly the look you want without searching through stores.

As I continue my trend of black and white for this year's fall season,  I turned to our den curtains, which were pale blue, yellow, and gold.  I had some solid white panels that were semi-sheer and a bit blah.  Determined to use them, I decided to dress them up a bit in the spirit of Black and White Fall by adding a trim of black and white toile (my favorite!).

With my sewing machine still in Georgia, I resorted to Stitch Witchery for this project.

I used a piece of cardboard (that I apparently doodled on at some point) to make a nice sharp seam, and I created some trim for the bottom of the curtains.

I used more stitch witchery to then attach the trim to the bottom of the white panels.

It took awhile to do all that ironing (which just so happens to be my most hated chore), but it's a simple process.

The trim also gives the ultra-lightweight sheers more weight so that they hang more beautifully.

Light and crisp, like I hope fall will be!


  1. very nice, Kelly. stitch witchery saves the day!

  2. These are cute. The hem really pops against your baseboards. Super idea!

  3. Love the added toile! This is a really great idea to dress up sheers! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this added black and white toile - what a difference this border makes on plain, white sheers! I'm not a sewer and I've never tried Stitch Witchery...wonder if even I could do something like that? lol


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