Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's Keep Our Dogs Healthy!

This post brought to you by Hills Pet Nutrition. All opinions are 100% mine.

To say we love our dog Coy would be an understatement.  He came into our lives totally unexpectedly, and he was spared the fate of a shelter dog. 


Being a lab mix, and still being a puppy in lab years (he's 1!), we do our best to keep Coy active. He has boundless energy!  We have a small house and back yard, so that means frequent walks and visits to a friend's pasture and pond.

I was excited when I learned about Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge.  Hill's food can increase your dog's mobility drastically in just 30 days.  This company realizes how important mobility is to a dog's health and happiness.  You should read up on Hill's Pet Nutrition if you're concerned about your dog's mobility and want to keep him/her active!

As owners of a larger dog, we're especially concerned for Coy's mobility, as labs and other similar dogs tend to experience hip and other joint pain as they age.  Such problems severely limit mobility and can lead to weight and health problems.  Hill's food addresses these possibilities by specifically including ingredients in their food that increase joint health.

Worried about affording a premium pet food?  You can download a Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon to get you started.  Register to receive $30 in coupon offers and automatically be entered to win Hill's sweepstakes.  They're giving away FREE PET FOOD for a year to 30 people!  That's a lot of mobility!

Are you a Facebooker?  So is Hill's!  You can learn more about the Healthy Mobility challenge by checking out Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook.

Let's keep our dogs healthy!  They do the same for us. :)

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