Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Entrance Table

I love changing holidays and seasons, because they mean changing my decor.  This table always changes.

Halloween also just so happent to be one of my favorite holidays.  And cats just so happens to be my favorite animal.

Fall berries, tied with muslin, nesting inside a thrifted Oneida gravy boat.

A mason jar of popcorn kernals and white beans holds a tealight.

Dry moss and a wire pumpkin in a small galvanized metal bucket.

Hapy Halloween!


  1. Very cute entrance table. I love the look of the popcorn kernels and beans, too. I have been seeing some very cute vintage-looking Halloween decor on the internet, and I love them!

  2. cute stuff! the popcorn kernels are a great idea!!!

  3. I love changing decor - especially vignettes - for the seasons, too. Your arrangement is so pretty...where did you get that great pair of lamps?


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