Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MeeMaw's Lamp

When my husband and I got married, we were grateful to get MeeMaw's old lamp.

We didn't have one for Britt's nightstand, so we gladly took this one.  Even though it's....less than beautiful?  I think that adequately yet politely communicates what I'm feeling.

 I definitely was not interested in buying a new one when it works perfectly fine!  So for the past year, I've just tried not to notice it.  Why did I never re-do it until now?  No idea.

Rush was my right-hand man through the whole thing.  Thanks, pal.

I took strips of thin, cream colored cloth (that I already had) and cut it into strips.  I then bunched each strip and covered the shade section by section, hot gluing each strip of cloth to the inside of the top and bottom of the shade.


I also spray painted the body of the lamp.  Yes, you can spray paint ceramic!  Just rough it up with some fine-grit sandpaper, wipe clean, and spray.  It took a few coats to cover up the "lovely" design on this one.

The finished product is much better.  Cottage and simple.

Thanks, MeeMaw!


  1. Cute! I love the cat pictures, my cat does that anytime I start crafting!

  2. How pretty! I love it...and your sweet cat! ♥

  3. Love the results, Kelly. Rush is quite a ham...my cat always gets into my crafting, too!!!

  4. Lamps are so expensive so I would have done the same thing. It came out beautifully but I just really had to laugh at your kitty. They really just do and get into whatever they want don't they?

  5. I love how you re-did this lamp! The shade looks tailored, yet "cottage-y" and I had no idea that you could spray paint ceramic. Looks like a brand-new lamp! I love the picture of Rush in the lamp shade - too funny.

  6. It turned out great! BUT my favorite is the picture of your cat. It truly made me LOL! :)

  7. Kelly~
    Your lamp redo is great!! It looks nothing like the original & you will enjoy it so much more. I had to laugh at the kittie photo; how sweet!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving me such a sweet compliment. I love taking photos & would really like to try & sell them someday...we'll see. Have a nice weekend!

  8. Cats are so hilarious? They can make anything a little more fun or sometimes not so fun. lol We need some new lamps in out home and they can get pretty pricey for really nice ones. Thanks for some ideas. Your lamp really turned out great! : ) Thanks so much for stopping by and following.
    Hope you are having a great Friday!

    Julie from Stlavonlady Beauty Tips and Tricks, Savings & More!

  9. Just adorable! Sweeter that it came from your meemaw!

  10. Its amazing how lil improvements can completely change the look! Great work! :)

    n thanks for stoppin by, following you back now! have a great weekend!!

  11. So pretty Kelly! And your kitty...tooo cute! What a little sweetie pie!

  12. Hey Kelly! Super cute blog!!! I love it! I'm following you back from Friendly Friday. Thanks so much for stopping by! http://notesfromthenelsens.blogspot.com/

  13. This is so adorable! You did a great job giving it life again!


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