Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover

As the weather (finally) turns colder, the bright pinks and greens of my bedroom didn't suit me anymore, and I bid them adieu until March ushers in the first hints of spring.

Digging through my house yielded suitable colors to more adequately reflect the stark, still peacefullness of fall.

The dresser got a makeover, complete with a new runner I made from dark brown burlap and linen.

No more summer in the white wire shelf....

And no more bright green on the dresser.  I created the vase on the right using a candleholder, a glass vase, white beans, and a faux branch.

Happy fall!


  1. I like the peacefullness of fall too. Your burlap runner is great-I really like the dark brown color.

  2. Thank you for this post. Now I know what to do with my branch of cotton. I'll put it in a container like you did!

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  4. Love your touches of dark colors to warm things up for the fall and winter!

  5. I love changing little things around according to seasons, too! I especially admire your burlap and linen runner on the dresser - that really added a nice layer of "warmth".


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