Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gardening in Tiny Spaces

We have a tiny backyard.   What's a gardener to do?

Get creative, I say!

I'll take space where I can get it. 

I found these tins at the dollar store.  I wasn't too fond of the colorful little scene, though:

I painted over it with some plain ol' black.

I used a hammer and nail to punch three drainage holes in the bottom of each.  Don't plant in anything that can't drain!

Then I nailed three to the post on the patio and hung one with a little piece of twine that I apparently saved at some point.  Now my little tins are ready for all sorts of fun things, like these little sprigs of Creeping Jenny that I rooted in the house...

I think this would be a good herb garden, don't you?

Here's to spring!


  1. Kelly, this is such a great idea! I love how you bought cheap and with some small changes, they look so fancy! Kudos on the black paint idea. :) Janice

  2. p.s. I think the planters thank you, too!

  3. Those little planters are really cute! I never thought about nailing planters to a post - what a great idea. And yes, I think they would look really pretty with herbs planted in them. It is still VERY cold here in northern IL. We can't even think of planting anything until April. I can't wait!


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