Thursday, April 12, 2012

Outdoor Furniture

The weather is warming, and I'm spending more and more time outside, whether it be for gardening or grilling and the like. 

Outdoor furniture is essential to the summer experience.  At the top of my wish list is
adirondack chairs.  They're such a popular choice for outdoor furniture.  They're so chic and stylish, and the ones from Terra Bound Solutions come in wood, teak, or 100% recycled plastic, which is my personal favorite, because it won't mold, rot, and splinter!  These chairs come in dining, bar stool, and love-seat style.  And they're available in kid's sizes as well!

I also love the idea of picnic tables.  What's more summery than a picnic?  They are so versatile and are great choices for parks, backyards, playgrounds, churches, and schools, just to name a few.  Terra Bound Solutions offers tables in a variety of materials such as wood, recycled, aluminum, and even concrete!  They also make picnic tables that are wheelchair accessible.

And last but not least, park benches.  My neighbors have a park bench in their yard, and it's just so charming!  Although I like a more traditional look, Terra Bound Solutions has a wide variety of styles and sizes as well as materials, such as aluminum, wood, or concrete.  These can be mounted into the ground for added stability.  They also supply steel benches for locker rooms!

What are you waiting for....get outside! 

(*This post bought to you by your friends at Terra Bound Solutions.)

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