Thursday, May 3, 2012

Candles, Candles, Candles

There are certain things that chicks just love.  Among these things are dessert, jewelry, and candles.  It's just universal.  Though I'm certainly not the girliest of the girly, I'm no exception in any of these areas, particularly when it comes to candles.  They add such warmth and character to any space.  I'm such a huge fan of natural light.  I love turning off overhead lights and pulling out a few lovely candles.

Did you know I have cats?  I have one particularly active one named Amos.  As I set myself up for a particularly perfect night, I finished tidying the house, dimmed the lights, lit a candle, and jumped into bed.  Amos crossed the floor, jumped onto the dressed, knocked over the candle, and ended my peaceful night.  Red wax splattered five feet across the floor and ruined a white rug.  Yes.  Red wax on a white rug.

That wasn't, unfortunately, the first time Amos and I had a negative wax experience.  It was quite similar to the rug experience.  It also invovled a ruined "perfect" night, only with waxy sheets instead of a waxy rug.

Plainly put, cats and traditional candles are not the best combination.  It may just be time for this cat mama to make the switch away from traditional wax candles.  Several pros come to mind:  safety for pets and children (and adults!), no waxy mess, longer candle life, and the "flames" are wind-resistant.   Remembering to blow the candles out is also a safety concern.  However, you never have to remember to extinguish your candles with a flameless candle with timer.   How convenient would it be to be able to go to sleep with the candles lit?  Very soothing!  I also really like the idea of LED Tea lights.  The shallow shape of tea lights makes them especially dangerous for pets, so I never get to use them.  The LED version, however, is totally safe!  Traditional tea lights also burn out in a single use, making them expensive to replace continually.  LED tealights, however, last much longer.  Battery-powered candles also have censors that make them flicker like real flames!
So now I'm thinking....what could battery-powered candles have rescued my sweet kitty and I from?  Waxy sheets?  Permanent red stains on a white rug?

I think it's time to give them a try!

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