Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful Bathrooms

We all love making over our houses, from top to bottom, inside and out, every corner has to be to our liking.  Usually, to spruce up our bathrooms, we change the wall colors, the tile, the shower curtain, the cabinetry, the towels, and the decor. Have you ever considered changing the sink?  Well, if you haven't, maybe you should visit www.edenbath.com

Eden Bath's products are inspired by nature, and they make absolutely beautiful sinks, namely their stone, glass, and copper sinks.  Their stone sinks come in a variety of materials such as marble, travertine, granite, limestone, basalt, and onyx.   These gorgeous materials are all-natural and the sinks are hand-crafted to be a beautiful addition to your bathroom. These sinks range in colors from creamy whites to honeys to natural browns to deep blacks.  The stone selections also come in a variety of shapes both modern and natural, and they are polished and finished with a beautiful yet subtle luster.  Your spa-style or natural bathroo is begging for a stone sink from Eden Bath.

Eden Bath also offers a lovely selection of glass sinks to choose from.  These are crafted from tempered glass, which seperates them from run-of-the-mill glass.  It's a durable, high-quality material, and some models are even hand-painted.  The glass selections come in a rainbow of beautiful colors to select from, and they are available in a variety of round styles in classsic as well as modern patterns.  I think these would look beautiful in a bright, colorful bathroom.

For a bathroom decor with a more rustic or classic feel, a copper sink from Eden Bath may be the right selection for you.  These sinks are made in Mexico by skilled artisans.  All the copper sinks are crafted from all-natural copper and are entirely hand-hammered.  Each style has a distinctly old-world feel and a rich, dark coloring that is sure to be a unique addition to your bathroom.  To me, these have such a masculine feel and would look fantastic in a simple, rustic or cabin-style bathroom.

Don't neglect your sink when sprucing up your bathroom this summer.  Choose a unique and stylish sink from Eden Bath!

(*This post brought to you by your friends at Eden Bath.)

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