Sunday, July 29, 2012


During this, the hottest time of summer, does everything just seem so alive?

Even your dog?  (Ours just had a little surgery, as you can see)

The air is so heavy and hot.

Things just seem to bloom.

This vines creeps and creeps, even when rain is scarce.

And this purple beauty needs little water to survive.

And thrive.

It's July, and all the world seems alive.


  1. The air has been hot and heavy here too, but with the drought we've been in, the poor plants are having a hard time thriving. We've been blessed with some rain lately so that has helped a bit, but me and my hubby have been faithful about watering the plants and flowers every day. I love your last photo with the butterfly!

  2. hey Coy!!! ad beautiful flowers :)


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