Saturday, September 1, 2012

Heirloom Vine

Britt's late grandmother loved to garden, and she propagated many of this particular variety of vine, one of which made it from Georgia here with us to Mississippi. 
Like many vines, it grows incredibly quickly and comes back year after year.

It's also incredibly easy to "share"!  As it grows, all along the vine will appear these tiny, spiny pods....

...that will grow into very large pods! 

After 4-5 months, the vine will be simply filled with them.

These can be stored in a cool, dark, dry place until the spring planting.  The "pods" sprout when halfway submerged in water and placed in a warm sunny location. 

Think how many vines I can have in the spring!


  1. Wow What a gorgeous plant. Wish we could grow them in zone 3 here in Canada!

  2. grew this when I lived in the Delta, but did not bring any when I moved here. I am glad you made it thru the storm o.k. I was worried about our trees and flooding, but God was good to us.

  3. I know you have posts since this one as they have come up on my reader but I am unable to access them when I click on your blog this is the last entry.
    Regards Shirley


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