Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning Tips

Some people dread cleaning of any kind.  I love it.  I spring clean.  In fact, I fall, winter, and summer clean as well.

But, there's something about the newness of sping that makes me want to have everything be especially fresh, especially in order.

Are you that way at all?

I had a bit of a spring cleaning challenge at work.  We had a particularly disorderly closet to tackle.  Yikes! 

I've heard it said that "Clutter is just delayed decisions."  That's definitely true for me.  Once I start hem-hawing around about what I should keep or where I should put something, the moutains of "stuff" begin to accumulate.

Here's how I rifle through my own "stuff" during spring cleaning and keep it from taking over my corner of the universe!

1. Be honest.  If you haven't worn/used/thought about it in years, chances are, you don't need it now.  Be honest with yourself--you can probably let it go.

2. Be decisive.  Don't delay the decision for later (that's how the clutter started in the first place!).  If it's something you indeed need to keep, find a place for it immediately, and put it away.  Either way, make a decision now.  And see #1.

3. Be diligent.  Even though spring cleaning can feel like tons of work (which it sometimes truly is), stay the course.  Work begun is half done, as the old saying goes, so stick with it!  You'll be glad if you do.

4.  Maintain order.  This is key to avoid the mess you've just eliminated.  Whether you've just cleaned a closet, laundry room, garage, or living space, implement a system to keep things orderly.  Use storage bins, crates, shoe boxes, shelving, or other organizational tools to keep things in their place.  Throughout the year, maintain the order you've created, and next year's spring cleaning will be a breeze!


  1. I love spring cleaning as well. I love organizing, throwing away, redoing. I love the fresh almost liberating feeling it gives me.

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