Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Daddy for Amos

I adopted Amos (my Big Strong Man) on September 9, 2006 (happy almost adoptiversary, sweetie pie!)from a shelter in Tallahassee, FL while I was in grad school at FSU.  I always hoped this sweet fella would one day have a daddy of his very own.  Someone to look up to. Someone to put treats in his bowl.  Someone to turn on the water in the sink when he's thirsty.  Someone to fish the toy mouse out from behind the refrigerator.

Did that happen?  Well, let's just say, Britt and Amos are both still alive.  That's something, right?  Britt loves dogs.  He's never owned a cat (gasp!).  He things they are boring, morose, and cold.  (Clearly, he misunderstands them.)

When Britt first met my Big Strong Man, he pushed him off the back of my sofa so he could have a headrest (Ah young Britt had so much to learn!).  He still pets Amos too hard (like a dog) and doesn't understand which look means "scratch behind my ears" and which means "I'm trying to nap here, k?"  And Amos still jumps on Britt's chest at 5 A.M. and wakes him up, causing a string of in-the-dark cursings. 

But the bond is forming.  The other night right after we turned out the lights, Amos jumped into our bed and positioned himself carefully across Britt's knees and immediately fell asleep, causing Britt to sleep awkwardly for half the night, all for the sake of not waking Amos, who was resting so peacefully.

He's officially a true cat lover, wouldn't you say?

Did either of you bring a pet into the marriage?  What did you or your husband do to adjust?


  1. Awhile ago I was meeting my best friend's new boyfriend and we were all sitting around, hanging out with them and her cat Pepper (Lou's BFF), and he said something offhand like "I guess I'll get used to Pepper" and Kathy and I started laughing, like "Pepper's our concern - PEPPER better get used to YOU!" It's all about our cats, right? Britt's on his way!

  2. That is hilarious, but I can only assume Ben would have been the same way Britt is had I entered our marriage with a cat (which would have never happened, haha).

  3. Your cats are seriously adorable- such sweet faces! Also, that chenille bedspread is great. I have one my grandmother passed on to me but it does not have that unique of a pattern. Amos seems to approve of the bed too : )


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