Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prank You Very Much

I suppose Britt got married because he didn't have a niece/nephew or pet he could torment.  So, he arranged for there to be this unsuspecting gal who is emotionally (and legally) bound to him and who is trapped in the same residence.  She cannot escape.  Her trust of him is her enemy. 

In the past several months, he has:

-jumped out and scared her almost every time she exits her bathroom
-jumped out and scared her almost every time she exits the guest bathroom
-put her underwear outside in a tree
-thrown a big cup of cold water on her while she showered
-turned off the bathroom lights while she showered

In case you haven't caught on, she=me.

It wasn't until I actually wrote this list that I noticed a pattern emerge....Britt relies heavily on the bathroom for his scares.  That's valuable info.

Knowlege is power.

Does your husband think it's hysterical to scare or prank you?


  1. My darling husband and I have had many the conversation over the years about how I am his wife and not his little sister.



  2. i would be scared living in your house!!! haha your hubby is sneaky :)

  3. *sigh*...I will admit that I am the prank puller in our house. But sometimes he just makes himself too easy of a target, lol!!!

  4. I think you must be married to my husband !!! The bathroom too is his prank avenue of choice...


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