Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Easy Topiary

I love the beauty and English-hidden-garden feel of topiaries.  I have always wanted to grow and prune a real one of my own, but I think that's far beyond my gardening skills at this time.   So, I will have to settle for making one of my own for inside the house.

I got a few supplies at Hobby Lobby: a green stryrofoam ball and wooden dowels.  I inserted the dowel into the ball like so.  I also put a little seal of hot glue at the entry point just to make sure it wasn't going anywhere.

The little flower pot I chose had a drainage hole in the bottom so I inserted the topiary form into it and hot glued.  If yours doesn't have this, you can insert some foam at the bottom to stick the dowel into.

Next, I used hot glue to cover the ball in moss. (You could do this before the previous step if you like.)

I squeezed some hot glue into the bottom of the pot and jammed some paper down into it to act as filler.

Then I glued some moss into the pot to cover the paper.  And I'm done!

One thing that draws me to certain projects is versatility.  With the topiary, you can go big or small, change out the pot, add flowers or vines, whatever comes to mind. I went plain jane with this one, but I am sure I will make more in the future.  For now, this one will look great in the master bedroom!

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