Friday, October 29, 2010

I Love Fake Flowers

I actually love real flowers (growing or cut!) more, but I love fake flowers as well.  Since it's not always possible or practical to have real flowers inside, I make up for it with the faux kind.  I'm not a "snob" about many things, but flowers are one of them.  I do quite a bit of searching to find ones I don't feel look ridiculously fake.  I use them frequently in various places in my home and switch them out/mix them up/move them around quite often, because I don't like things to always look exactly the same.

Fall berries on the den bookcase...

White tulips in the corner of the kitchen...

Gray willow branches and pink "flowers" (no idea what these are!) by the hallway...

Ivy in the kitchen window...

White lilies in the master bedroom...

Orange tulips in the entryway...

Yellow and orange tulips on the kitchen countertop...

I like to think I was born to live in a garden!  :)


  1. Beautiful. I love fresh flowers but due to my daughters allergies I have learned to love fake flowers. I agree with you that finding "good" ones is important. I have some tulips that I have that numerous people comment on, "what lovely tulips, are they from your garden?" thinking they are real. Just love it ;) ~Alana~

  2. Hello- New reader here : ) I love fake flowers too! I never have to water them or worry about the cats eating them.

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  4. Where did you buy your tulips it looks real ?

  5. Wow, I love all the different ways you display them! How creative! I especially love the lilies in the master bedroom!


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