Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Kitchen Table

Our kitchen is orange, blue, and green....not very Christmasy. So I knew I couldn't just toss some green/red candles in the center of the table for a centerpiece.  Therefore, I declared green and brown to be our Christmas kitchen colors.

I got some green/brown fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby to temporarily replace the blue/white fabric at the center of our everyday table runner.

Some pretty bottles and frosty pine cones....

A few of our everyday Spode Woodland dishes sit on the runner to add to the display.

A brown and green, outdoor, Southern Christmas!


  1. Green and brown are a great idea with those colors. Love your vintage bottles.

  2. I actually saw a lot of awesome brown Christmas ribbon at Michaels this year. Verrrry pretty and verrry classy. Love your tabletop.

    Thanks for visiting me at Always Nesting.I read your adorable post on Why Did I Get Married. Girl, I love the way you write :)

    I've signed on to follow. Adorable blog and adorable you.

  3. I like that green bottle. I think green and brown look very nice for Chritmas. I have done those colors before, I used some wired brown satin ribbon and used them to hang the ornaments on my tree, it was so pretty :)

  4. I love how your table setting is so unique. I'm a huge fan of colored bottles. I found your blog through New Friend Friday at The Trendy Treehouse. Check out my blog. I'll be posting my Christmas decorations soon. http://christyshappyplaceblog.blogspot.com


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