Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quick Christmas Wreath

I was trying to forget about the fact that I didn't have a Christmas wreath on the door.

Then my husband pointed out to be that we're the only house in the neighborhood without a Christmas wreath, and he asked why I didn't "just make one." 

So, I decided to "just make one"....but I was determined to ONLY use things I had and under NO circumstances go buy any supplies.  Here is what I dug up...

A thin, rather sad-looking wreath that I have no memory of purchasing.

A yard or so of green tulle I got out of the sale bin at Hobby Lobby.

Some bronze bead garland, and one cat assistant.

No tricks.  No techniques.  I just wrapped.

Glued on some pine0 cones I stole from my own Christmas entry table....(nothing stays in one spot in my house for very long!

I added a some ribbon and a bow, and hung. 

Not too girly, but still husband approves!

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  1. Whats so funny is that he even noticed thats so cute lol! I dont have one either.

  2. It turned out beautiful. I love it that you shopped your home and look at the creation!!

    I always have a wreath on my door but this year my wreath went above my fireplace and I've been at a loss of finding one I love. I can't have the ones with the metal base because of the glass on my front door, it has to be a soft wreath. Hubby has not noticed nor would he even care. Good job for your hubby to notice :)

  3. That is so cute! Amazing what you can come up with when you want to. You did a fab job!

  4. I was thinking the same thing..HE noticed. Too funny. Good job using what was already on hand!

  5. Very nice! I love it when I can create something without having to shop.


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