Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Love Bottles

Something fun and unexpected has come of my now-almost-one-month visit in Georgia....these wonderful vintage jars and bottles!

The old red barn behind my old house is being renovated, and I was given free reign to dig for treasures in previously unaccessable areas.  Here are a few of my finds!

A lovely large mason jar....

This goregous and unique jar with a lovely pattern on the sides.... (anyone know what this was used to hold?)

And a very tall green bottle with measurements on the sides and the words "Juice" and "Water" on either side....

I can't wait to see how pretty these will look filled with fresh flowers.   There are still MANY left to sift through.  I love a good treasure hunt for old goodies, don't you?


  1. That green bottle is my favorite! What a fun treasure hunt! So you are still in GA? Are you trapped by bad weather? It's been rough the last few days.
    Happy hunting!

  2. find one for me! Miss you pal

  3. I love old jars and bottles as well. They are fun keepsakes from the past!


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