Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Georgia Home

I have finally made it back to Mississippi, but I spent some wonderful time at my old Georgia home where I lived with my cousin before I got married.  She still lives there, and much of it is the same as when I left it, which I love!  I spent much time gathering fun finds to decorate it.  It's a sweet, 100 year-old farmhouse, and I miss it every day!

My love of color definitely shows.  This is a glimpse into the red guest room.

The kitchen is a wonderful sunny shade...."Good Morning Sunshine," to be exact!

These pretty blue plates belonged to the elderly lady who lived here before we did (her family left TONS of wonderful things behind.  I can't believe they let us have it all!)

Wonderful mementos....

An antique Coke tray my grandmother gave me and a vintage ball jar....

Vintage Crisco jar....

These three items were more treasures left behind from the previous owner....a vintage gas can, pitcher, and ice tray!  They now sit atop the kitchen cabinets.

My old office....a tribute to my favorite color!

Part two is yet to come!


  1. Your old office is pretty. Love the black and peachy colors together. Glad you got back home.

  2. Glad you got back to Mississippi! Love the top of your cabinets!

  3. Welcome back home! Looks like a great house in GA. How lucky you "inherited" the previous owner's things. Those plates are beautiful.

  4. There are some really fun things there! Glad you made it back home with all this crazy weather we seem to be having in the east.

  5. How fun to have the chance to go back to a home you loved and find it the same way you remembered!


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