Saturday, February 19, 2011

Decorating: Using the Unexpected

I'm a pretty traditional girl.  I don't have an eclectic sense of style, and I don't take many decorating risks.

But I do like to occassionally use the unexpected.  I try to make my home a little more interesting and a little more personalized by taking ordinary things and using them in ways that aren't quite as ordinary.

It's not odd to see a bowl of fruit or potpourri...

but what about a bowl of buttons?

Or a wreath in a frame?

Tulips in a mug?

You don't always see a basket on the wall. With a plate in it.

Or moss in a silver creamer.

Or a topiary in a teacup!

I don't have a big decorating budget or tons of design talent, so quirky touches have to be my bread and butter.  Thanks to all the bloggers out there who inspire me and my projects!


  1. They are all perfect little touches and I love using what I already have on hand around the house!

  2. OK the basket on the wall with the plate...genius, I love it!!~ XO thanks for the good thoughts:)

  3. Cute! I don't have a big craft or decorating budget either so these ideas are great! Please post more if you have some!

  4. Love each of these are very creative!!!

  5. You've just given me another reason to love your blog, on top of the great taste you have in blog backgrounds ;-)

    Lisa x

  6. I love your quirky design style. I think it's great when someone takes something they already have and add a little here and there to change it up and make it cool and unique. It's nice to decorate with what you have and not have to go out and spend money.

  7. fun ideas! I especially like the tulips in a mug. cute! thanks for sharing. :)

  8. they are just gorgeous ideas!!!!!no sense of style?!?!
    thanks for the visit Kelly!
    happy sunday!

  9. My style is the same way! I love quirky little things!

    I fell in love with your teacup topiary the first time I saw it. I have a china teacup/saucer of my grandmothers that I'd like to borrow that idea for!

  10. These are great and unexpected ideas and touches. Really love the little white bowl filled with white buttons, swooning now! The tulips are refreshing and in the mug, very fun! Have a wonderful day Girl!


  11. I love all your personal touches. I think that's what truly makes a house a HOME. I especially love the wreath in the frame - very cool!


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