Thursday, April 7, 2011

10 Projects Under 10 Minutes

I love when projects are easy, but what's even better is when a project is easy and quick.  After all, sometimes you want results now!

Here are ten projects that can spruce up your home without taking up tons of your time.

1. Burlap flower

It takes just minutes to twist your burlap into a rosette and glue on a button center and wooden dowel.  I love displaying this one in the jars I dressed up here.

2. Petite table runner

I've made several of these to dress up end tables and entrance tables, and it never fails!  Just cut any fabric you like and iron it together with stich witchery.  Pictured above is my French graphic runner.

3. Framed printable

True instant art.  Print off an image and frame it.  Boom, you're done.  The Graphics Fairy can fill any frame!  I love this egg print.  It's perfect for spring/Easter, and it's displayed on my spring entrance table.

4. Fabric strip lamp shade

Two of these lamps came to me second-hand and had maroon shades.  Instead of buying new ones, I covered the old in two complementary toile fabrics.  I cut strips slightly longer than the shade, bunched them together slightly, and hot glued them to the tops and bottoms of the existing shades.

5. Glitter candle

This candle has been around since my Christmas entrance table, and I love it.  I placed double-sided tape around the top and bottom of a pillar candle and dusted on some glitter for instant sparkle.

6. Embellished wreath

One of my favorite ways to fill large wall spaces is with wreaths.  You don't have to spend a ton on pre-made wreaths.  Just buy an inexpensive grapevine wreath and hot glue anything you want onto it.

7. Framed silk flowers

This is another one of those projects that can be accomplished by shopping in your own home.  Paint an extra frame, hot glue some scrap fabric onto the cardboard backing, and then add some spare foliage from a silk arrangement.

8. Filling a bowl/basket/colandar, etc. with something

I love the way most anything (even something edible) looks tossed into a bowl.  The unexpected (like potatoes in a painted flower pot) really make things interesting in your home.

9. Accent pillow

No-sew can be the way to go. Acrylic paint stamps easily onto burlap for an easy pillow (stuffed with toilet tissue!) made with stitch-witchery in a matter of minutes.

10. Instant perfume bottle

I always find myself with an abundance of bottles, be they new or antique.  If you have these sitting around (or want to buy a cheap one from a craft store) you can print and mod podge a beautiful graphic onto one for an instant vintage-style bottle.
All made with time to spare?

What other great projects can you do in under ten minutes?


  1. `the burlap flower is one new idea for me and I ´ll sure use it once ...thx!

  2. some great ideas and all so quick and easy to create! merci!

  3. great projects and just the right amount of time!! I too love the burlap flower!

  4. Ooooh, love this post! You've given me some new ideas to try. I especially love the fabric strip covered lampshade and the buttons in a dish. :)

  5. Great post, love all the ideas and even more- so quick and instant gratification!


  6. Beautiful site! I love this collection of easy ideas. Following from Making the World Cuter =)

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting


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