Thursday, August 25, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for My Husband

Why is it so hard to pick out a Christmas gift for my husband?  Why are guys just hard to buy for in general?   Why am I already stressing out over Christmas gifts in August?

My goal this year is to gather my gifts along the way and avoid "Christmas Panic" (defined as fewer a situation in which there are fewer than 7 days left until Christmas and you have fewer than half your gifts purchased).  I'm already well on my way with several gifts checked off the list already.

Back to my husband.  He's outdoorsy, professional, and loves movies.  He also loves entertaining, so my first thought was a new grill, like these Napoleon grills.  He really likes to grill, see?

So that's an option, definitely.  Adding to the gift-decision stress is the fact that I have never bought him a Christmas gift as his wife.  Last year was our first Christmas, and we had only been married six months and had already moved twice, so we agreed that for the sake of our finances, we'd skip giving each other gifts. 

So the pressure is on!  I technically have two Christmases to make up for. In that case, I guess that means I should go with the Napoleon gourmet grills instead!

Other options to consider:

Outdoorsey clothes from Mountain Hardware.  He loves that stuff.  I think he fancies himself to be rugged.  How adorable!

Seeing as how grilling and clothes (yes, you heard me) really are two of his favorite things, maybe I could go with both.  Maybe more budget-friendly options, like this Weber portable gas grill and a jacket from Old Navy.

You heard it here Christmas Panic for me this year!


  1. Very good idea to start ahead. My hubby is kind of hard to buy for as he just doesn't ask for much so you never know what her wants.

  2. Good luck with your gift hunting! :) I have the same problem of not knowing what to get DH. Thankfully, he's not much of a 'gift' person so I usually end up getting him something he needs - like socks and underwear. LOL Seriously, he'd be perfectly happy with that. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments. I'm now a follower of your's too. ~Rachel

  3. Honey. I've been married for 27 years. I STILL don't know what to buy the man! Early in our marriage, he told me to stop buying him clothes. He said the clothes I bought him made him look like Charlie Brown. (lol)

  4. Good idea to start thinking early. YES, I agree...hubbies are sooo hard to buy for!

  5. LOL I feel your pain. My hubby is the hardest to shop for too. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

  6. I love your choices so far. Looks like you're off to a great start!


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