Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Dog Sheds--Review with FURminator

Here in southern Mississippi, it's hot.  Really hot.  Earlier this morning, the thermometer on my back porch read 111 degrees. 

Such a blistering temperature doesn't just mean sweating Mississippians.  It means shedding pets.   And when I say shedding, I mean they're coming out of their fur like it's going out of style.

I have used tons of pet brushes in the past but never felt they were very effective.  That opinion changed completely when I tried the FURminator!

Meet my big brown dog, Coy.

He sheds a lot.  The amount is appxomately equal to what our two cats shed added together times infinity.  He's a young, active dog, so I know he's hot in these temperatures!  For this review, I was a send a short-hair medium dog deshedding tool.

Brushing the dog was very easy, and Coy didn't mind at all.  My husband wanted to try it too!

After brushing for only a few strokes, this is the amount of hair we'd removed....ick!

The results have been very, very noticeable.  There's a lot less hair on our floors, and Coy's coat is visibly more shiny.  Plainly put, we love our FURminator and have used it constantly.  It's sturdy, high-quality, and of course, removes tons of hair. 

The best feature, by far, of the FURminator, though, is its hair-release mechanism.  Push a button and the hair is released from the brush.  No need to pick it out by hand!  The messy, painstaking, time-consuming process of removing the hair from the brush is the biggest qualm I've had with other pet hair groomers.

My advice to you is two-fold.  One, get a FURminator.  Two, be prepared for the unreal amount of hair you're about to remove from your pet!

The FURminator tool is available for dogs of all sizes and fur lengths.  And of course, they make them for cats and kittens as well!  And if you're worried about ordering online, don't be.  Their customer service department is friendly and helpful and would be glad to guide you in ordering the correct product.

If you'd like to connect with FURminator in other ways, you can visit their Facebook and Twitter pages in addition to their website.

Now get yourself a FURminator.  Coy approves. :)

(*Author was supplied with a free product to review.  All opinions and statements, however, are solely that of the author.)


  1. I purchased one about a year ago for my cats and it works really well! Having a Himalayan, whose a fur ball, I found that regular combing and brushing didn't really help...this does!!!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  2. We got one for our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Sophie and it is GREAT!!!! The first time we used it we brushed out a whole other dog! It was incredible. And with the heat this summer it has been a real God-send.

  3. I can't wait to get this for Beth's Jackabee (Jack Russell/Beagle mix).

  4. we have one too but i think its an older model. haha we used to use it on harper & it was great, but then we started getting him shaven in the summer instead.

  5. Our veterinarian showed this to me recently. It is a fabulous tool. Our sweet pup really shed a lot this year, and being that he is an outside dog, it sure has kept him cool. I would love to get this brush for our indoor cats though. It is tough keeping up after them.
    Have a lovely day. :o)
    Sincerely, Trish
    ps. We are in S. MS too. :o)


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