Sunday, February 19, 2012

Introducing Clipix Virtual Clipboards

Do you constantly find things on the internet you'd like to bookmark easily?  Would you like to have your own virtual "clipboard" that will let you keep your ideas, list, and life organized while keeping your desk paper-free?  clipix  

Meet Clipix, an online service that allows you to save anything--articles, restaurants to try, recipes--you want to access later and organize them into Clipboards.  You can quickly and easily create as many as you want, arrange them how you want, and share them to Twitter or Facebook.  There's also an iphone app for Clipix on the go!

Place the Clip It bookmark on your toolbar to Clip and save anything you want to your customized clip board.  You can also like and re-clip what others have clipped.

In addition to creating clipboards, you can also create Syncboards that can be edited and added to by multiple people in real-time.  It's great for collaborating with family and friends!

Possible uses for Clipix:

  • recipes to try

  • vacation destinations

  • decorating ideas

  • gift ideas

  • crafts to try

  • cute clothes

  • restaurants to try

  • movies to see

  • funny videos

  • inspirational quotes

  • books to read

 Personally, I like to browse the internet for craft ideas and clothes.  Here is my clothes clipboard from some "shopping" I did recently!

Internet privacy is very important, so Clipix lets you choose if you share your clips and with whom.  You can reclip clips, like them, comment on them, and share them with your friends!  You'll constantly find new Clipboards you want to create and new things you want to clip.  And if you do, you can quickly create a new Clipboard directly within the Clip panel.

Go ahead and sign up!  What kinds of things are you going to clip?

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