Wednesday, April 25, 2012

College Memories

Even though I don't miss final exams or long, rainy walks to class, I do sometimes miss my college days.  Semesters ending, semesters beginning....Being in school gives such a nice, steady rhythm to life, doesn't it?  My college experience was so varied and full--challenging English courses, sorority sisters, student newspaper, campus activities.  I met some of my very best friends there.  College gave me so many tools for life.  I had wonderful professors that took my education very seriously, and I had wonderful friends that made my life a joy.  I'm proud to say that now that college is (long!) over, I've been able to use my degree in my profession.  My "real" job these days is editing, and I also love to exercise my (sometimes quite rusty) writing skills on this little blog! 

I was that person who knew her whole life that she'd study English.  However, there's truly nothing that I don't like to learn about.  Even though I've attained a bachelor's and master's degree, going back to school one day is definitely not out of the question for me.  Classes I'd love to take are business administration courses.  Having a business mind is important in today's corporate society and would be valuable for the future--we dream of starting our own business!  Business training would also really help me understand more of what my husband talks about on a daily basis!  He has also expressed interest in this area.  Even though he's a salesman, he actually got his bachelor's and master's degrees in education.  Who'd have thought!

I'm a huge believer in higher education.  I hope that a Ph.D. is in my future, even though I may have white hair when I finally get it!  A college degree isn't just about learning but self-discovery.  I learned career skills and life skills and would re-enroll in a heartbeat.  What was the best part of college for you?

(*This post is brought to you by your friends at CBT College in Miami.)

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  1. Definitely studying abroad! I read English at Oxford, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

    I also love my sorority! We are planning a weekend trip to spend the weekend at the house in June. Should be fun! What sorority are you in? I am a Zeta (ZTA).



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