Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Five Ways to Make Your Home Decor Personal

A well-crafted seating arrangement and beautiful artwork is nice, but it's a personal touch in your home is what makes people want to be there.  Gorgeous decor feels false and stiff without pieces of ourselves woven into our design fabric.

Here are five quick and easy personal touches that add warmth to your home:

1.  Beloved books.

Not only do books make quaint decor, but they also make great conversation starters.

2.  Monograms.

Maybe this is the Southern in me coming out, but I adore monograms.  Personal, classic, stylish.

3.  Photographs

This is somewhat of a given, but so many people choose to skimp on the family photos in their home decor!  I love to be surrounded by the faces of my friends and family.  Especially since I live several states away from most of them!

4.  Sentimental keepsakes.

When something is special, don't tuck it away in a drawer!  Share it's beauty with your guests.  The hair comb I wore at my wedding is displayed in this silver creamer on our dresser.  Not only is it beautiful, but I love the memories it holds.

5.  Passions

Yes, I actually have a passion for cats!  Make that a lifelong passion.  When you love something, surround yourself with it!  Since it would be quite expensive (and impractical!) to fill my house with real cats, I fill it with felt ones, wood ones, glass ones.  They always brighten my day.

Make your home a personal space and not just a beautiful one and you'll create a happy atmosphere filled with warmth.

What are your favorite personal touches in your home?


  1. Great ideas!!! LOVE these, especially the monograms...very Southern! :D

  2. I agree it's the personal & sentimental items that make a home a "home"! I always love seeing these things in other people's homes too because typically there is some cool story behind the item. Great tips!

  3. Great post with some great tips! These type of things have much more meaning. I have a little of all in my home! Have a good day

  4. Wonderful tips! I have all of them except for the cats. Highly allergic. lol I especially love monograms and sometimes wonder if I have too many!


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