Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Renewal

In spring, when everything is being renewed, I get the urge to do many things--clean, garden, cook, organize, and most of all, redecorate my home!  If the outside world is being renewed, why not my house as well?  With a world of products available at my fingertips online, I've been dreaming of everything from new sinks to dining room chairs to throw pillows to chandeliers. 

Become.com is my friend in this situation.  It's a fantastic product-search website that searches millions of sites for relevant results and allows you to comparison shop and save products--all in one convenient site!  A few great kitchen remodel products I've found on Become are these 14 inch vessel sinks and a product that makes my heart skip a beat--a 10-inch deep kitchen sink!   I could get a lot done with a sink like that!  I'm also loving the idea of upgrading to a nice new 12 light brass chandelier to bring some light into my somewhat-dim kitchen and dining area.  How elegant and charming would that be!

Check out this site and start searching!  What upgrades are you dreaming of this spring?


  1. I hear you. I feel like painting and cleaning everything. I find though I spend most of my time in the garden until it gets too hot hear so then I do more indoor chores in the summer when I am stuck inside. I have been trying to get some spring cleaning done. Going from room to room top to bottom.

  2. ps... your blog is looking so gorgeous. Love the bright look of it.


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