Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mississippi Garden Lovelies

You have to fight the heat to keep anything growing here in southern Mississippi.
It is possible, you just have to water, water, water.  The results are worth it.

"They" say to opt for one squash plant per household member.  There are two of us and one squash plant in the garden, and alas, we still have too much squash.  Lots will be going in the freezer for the winter, which is a-ok with us.

The same is our zucchini situation.  We have an overabundance.  How about this zucchini....Does it look like a beer bottle to you?

Here's a little corner of ivy and rosemary.

I'm rooting a little basil (and creeping jenny) in a jar inside.

I've also started drying some basil for this year since I use it so often in cooking and want tons to last me through winter (click here to see three different ways to preserve basil!).

The little vertical garden I posted about here is coming along nicely.



And of course, I planted lots of zinnias.  I love my white ones particularly.

Anything lovely growing in your backyard this summer?


  1. LOVE your vertical garden, somehow I missed you setting that up! You are so far ahead in your growing season, we're nowhere near harvesting anything. But, the HOT temps are challenging and we're missing some rain...

    My basil obsession (only rivaled by my Zinnia obsession), means I will have a lot of leaves to do something with. Dev and I are going to try and keep her school's raised beds going this summer...wish us luck!

  2. Let's see - I think I could be at your house in about 12 hours. I love fresh squash! There is nothing like it. Hubby and I will often just have a big plate of that (when my brother gives us some. He has a garden. We don't.) I bet you have lots of friends like me!

  3. You are so right about our Mississippi summers! I love squash, just found a fabulous new recipe-squash/rice casserole-yum.

  4. Congrats! You have a beautiful blog and I enjoy reading your posts. Your kitty picture is adorable.

    Stein Garden & Gifts

  5. We're trying to grow tomatoes this year. I love your vertical garden!!!
    <3 Christina
    I Gotta Create!

  6. everything looks awesome! im craving flowers but too pregnant to plant them! haha


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