Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day, O Mother's Day

Oh mothers, if we could only tell you how we truly felt.

Sometimes I feel like Mother's Day is a cruelty.  No gift is adequate.  No words big enough. 

I always try though.   Our mother's are worth it right?  They're been there through the years, even long after we're gone.  The gift-giving has become even more difficult now that I live hours and states away from my mother.  Gifts and words and sentiments must be sent through the mail and airwaves.  Are any of you in the same predicament?

Some of my go-to gifts for my mother have included candles, clothes, bath/body products, and jewelry.  Another popular gift is flowers, but amazingly enough, I have never gotten my mother flowers for Mother's Day!  It feels as though I have broken some sort of unwritten rule. 

If flowers are on your list for mom this year, consider online florist Serenata. My mother has a lifelong love of gardening (I guess that's where I got my love of gardening from!), so I think fresh flowers or something pretty to plant might be something she'd appreciate.  Serenata offers fresh-cut arrangements as well as plants that can be planted or potted and continue to bloom and give for years to come.  Their services include online ordering, next-day delivery, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Not only do they have Mother's Day selections, but they have flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, and new babies.

Flowers for mama this year, maybe?  What's your mother receiving this Mother's Day?

*Post brought to you by your friends at Serenata Flowers.

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