Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Water Problem

It is heating up where we live.  I mean, really heating up.  We almost had no winter and had no spring at all.  The highs during the day are already reaching into the 90s, and my AC is already running much more often than I would like.  These elevated temperatures mean my yard, garden, and potted plants need water.  Lots of water.  A mere day without it, and the withering begins.

The problem with the watering is the logistics.  Do you have a problem with that too? For me, getting everything watered involves many trips across the yard with jugs of water and dragging the hose here, there, and yonder.  I'm in and out of the doors, back and forth from the outdoor spicket, and filling and refilling constantly.  It's definitely no small feat and no quick task to get everything watered and watered well. 

I sometimes feel that by the time I go back and forth to the hose and let it leak while I do so, I've wasted water, plus I have to do this in the heat of the day where I have to fight evaporation.  Being concerned with conservation, this doesn't make me too happy.  We're currently renting our house, but near the top of my wish list for when we buy a house is irrigation supplies so that we can have our own home irrigation system.  I would love to have a drip system that I could leave on overnight, particularly on our vegetable garden.  And an undeground system with sprinkler heads would be perfect to soak down our lawn.  Doing this at night as well would cut down on evaporation due to heat and the sun and save water and money.  (For water efficient landscape design tips, click here.)

How do you water?  Do you have sprinkler or irrigation systems for your garden?

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  1. We have sprinklers on timers that cover everything but my pots on the patio. I would love to do a drip system for them but that is way low on our list of projects for right now.

  2. Mulch your potted plants and everything else heavily-it really helps. Also buy soaker hoses-save and buy one at a time if you have to-they are worth it-you can leave them on all night and not have to water in the heat.


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