Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just Tomatoes

It seems as though some years, some vegetables do better than others.  Last year, it was squash.

This year, it's tomatoes.

Every day, I'm picking and washing more ripening tomatoes.

Roma and Better Boy.  They haven't let me down this hot, hot summer.

 There's something so right about a home-grown tomato.

What backyard vegetable is filling your table this summer?


  1. Such beautiful tomatoes - I'm jealous! We got ours planted a little late, so my plants are still small and not even any signs of the fruit yet. We are experiencing very hot weather lately, so perhaps the plants will have a growth spurt. :-)

    What are you doing with all those fresh tomatoes?

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    Lovely tomatoes. Nothing beats a home-grown tomatoes. You can definitely be sure that its safe and fresh. You'll a bountiful access to it too.


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