Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review with iMo Camera Straps!

Today I'm excited to profile the premier maker of fashion camera straps--iMo fashion camera straps. 

Based out of Hong Kong, this company focuses on the fun and beauty in life and encourages you to go out and experience it.  iMo--which stands for "In My Opinion"--looks at life as a gift and wants to help you capture every moment with beauty and style, and their straps certainly have plenty of that!

From sweet and understated....

To bright and bold....


To something a little wild....

iMo straps has a style for every photographer.  A few of my favorites are the Japanese Owl Pattern...

and this bold black and white strap.

Fashionable iMo straps are available in three materials--neoprene, jacquard, and cotton tape.  iMo crafts straps for DSLR as well as SLR cameras, with some straps, such as the Watercolor and Sunshine (left to right, below), being suitable for both varieties.

iMo straps are not just stylish. They are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality (which I love!). These straps, which are all handmade when ordered, are tested for durability and reliability. The quick release straps can hold over 120 pounds, and the non-quick release straps can support more than 180 pounds.


For this review, I received iMo's gorgeous Orange Wheel neoprene strap for my DSLR Cannon camera.  

I absolutely love the funky circle pattern and the bright orange color with the contrasting black and white.  The fabric is very bold and eye-catching.   This strap is approximately 1.5 inches wide and can be adjusted to be from 45.5 to 55.5 inches long.  The nylon webbing measures 13 inches on each end. This strap also has a quick-release, and it's best-suited for a DSLR camera.  
The two key factors I think most people want in a camera strap are security and comfort, and this strap definitely has both.  The nylon webbing is very securely sewn to the sturdy leather, and the strap is nicely padded from end to end. This strap is definitely not just for show--it gets the job done as well!

iMo straps lets you snap all those fun and special moments in style.  They also offer gift sets and gift certificates.  You can connect with them on Facebook by clicking here!

Capture those fun summer moments with iMo!

(*Author received free product to review. All opinions and statements, however, are solely that of the author.  Photos are courtesy of iMo.)

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