Friday, September 14, 2012

Piece by Piece

As the weather begins to cool (even if it's just down to 85 in the daytime and 65 at night here in Mississippi!), I get the urge to crochet a new blanket

I usually do neutral afghans in one or two colors, but I'm breaking my own mold this time.
And piece by piece....

I'm watching it come together!


  1. Looks wonderful so far. Love your color choices!

  2. I have been crocheting pincushions. I love to crochet or knit in te fall and winter! This is going to be so pretty.

  3. Can wait to see this blanket when it's done! I don't crochet or do any other kind of needlework, so I greatly admire the handiwork of those who do! BTW, I also love your new blog header - very pretty.

  4. Just found your blog and wanted to say I love the things you create! I'm your follower now!
    Elena (

  5. I love these pretty colors. I'm anxious to start a crochet project, too! Happy Fall!


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